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Discover The Top 10 Italian Coffee Machine Brands

Are you looking to supply coffee machines for your home or workplace? This guide introduces you to the top 10 professional Italian coffee machine brands, each selected through comprehensive research to ensure you have only the finest espresso machines.

While coffee machines are manufactured by numerous brands worldwide, this article focuses solely on Italian brands, renowned for their innovation, quality, and reliability. Brands from other countries, such as Keurig and Newell from America, Panasonic from Japan, and Xiaomi from China, also produce coffee machines that are not included here.

The brands are arranged alphabetically, and the optimal choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. For more detailed specifications of various coffee machine types, refer to “How to Choose the Best Coffee Machine: Tips and Considerations”. Now, let’s delve into our top 10 picks for professional Italian espresso machine brands.

1. Astoria

Founded in 1969 by Nello Dal Tio, Astoria has grown into the largest coffee machine factory, known for its technological innovation such as the development of the Green Line, and sustainability initiatives like promoting the Slow Espresso Experience. The brand has launched notable products like the Green Line and Plus 4 You and has participated in international championships. This rich history and commitment to sustainability distinguish Astoria in the coffee machine industry.

astoria plus4you advantage coffee machine

Plus4You Advantage

The Plus4You Advantage coffee machine by Astoria is a blend of tradition and modern technology. Its timeless design, characterized by the shine and strength of steel, merges the charm of vintage machines with modern ergonomics. The machine is user-friendly, featuring a revised interface with innovative selection keys that streamline barista operations.

Our Astoria Collection

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2. Dalla Corte

Dalla Corte, founded by Bruno Dalla Corte, is an Italian brand known for its innovative design and advanced technology in espresso machines and professional coffee grinders. The brand is highly regarded for its functionality, technological prowess, and aesthetic appeal. Dalla Corte has pioneered the separate boiler concept in coffee machines, which allows each group and boiler to operate independently.

Dalla Corte’s espresso machines are well-known for their functionality, technology, and design. The brand’s patented coffee machines with separate boilers provide the flexibility to conserve energy during low-use periods and ensure a consistent temperature for each coffee extraction. This innovation allows baristas to craft their ideal coffee and reflects Dalla Corte’s commitment to quality and sustainability in the coffee industry

dalla corte ICON coffee machine


The Icon espresso machine, tailored for the Horeca market (HOtels, REstaurants and CAterings), is a sophisticated and reliable solution that delivers a rich and perfectly balanced taste with every extraction. With sleek design elements and a wide range of customization options, the Icon espresso machine embodies a fusion of advanced technology, reliability, and personalization, elevating the espresso-making experience in the hospitality industry.

3. De Longhi

De Longhi, an Italian brand established in 1902, is renowned for its high-quality coffee machines. The company introduced innovative products like the pump coffee maker and the super-automatic coffee maker. De’Longhi’s machines, known for their simplicity and reliability, allow users to enjoy a variety of coffee-based drinks at the push of a button. This commitment to user-friendly design and versatility reflects De’Longhi’s dedication to quality in the coffee industry.

de longhi La Specialista Arte

La Specialista Arte

La Specialista Arte is a manual espresso maker with 8 grind settings and 3 temperature levels to cater to diverse coffee beans and roasting levels. It includes a barista kit for precise tamping and a MyLatte Art steam wand for latte art. This machine offers an authentic coffee experience with its advanced features.

4. Elektra

Founded in Treviso, Italy, Elektra has been producing coffee machines since 1947. The brand, known for blending tradition, passion, and innovation, has introduced various technological advancements over the years. Each machine is assembled by hand, tested rigorously, and comes with a two-year warranty, reflecting Elektra’s dedication to quality. The brand’s unique designs add a touch of sophistication to any setting.

electra Evok


The Elektra Evok is a compact, high-performance espresso machine designed for ease of use and customization. It allows for the creation of custom recipes and remote monitoring through telemetry. It emphasizes milk-based beverages and includes an energy-saving system. Available in Matt Black/Black and Gold, it features advanced telemetry, automatic steam lance, and a cappuccinator for hot or foamed milk drinks. Its elegant design includes lighting and wooden side panels.

5. La Cimbali

La Cimbali is a renowned Italian espresso coffee machine brand, founded by Guiseppe Cimbali in Milan in 1912. Known for its quality and innovation, the company offers a variety of products, from fully automatic machines for consistent coffee quality to traditional machines for artistic coffee brewing. La Cimbali, which exports its machines globally, is committed to premium coffee making. The brand symbolizes premium quality, innovation, and the “Made in Italy” hallmark. It provides grinders and dozers for precise coffee dosing and uses stainless steel for durable and efficient machines. La Cimbali’s promise is to deliver superior coffee, reflecting its century-long expertise in coffee making.

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la cimbali m100

M100 Attiva

The M100 Attiva is an advanced espresso machine, equipped with remote monitoring, performance optimization, and personalized pressure and temperature systems for superior coffee quality. Its user-friendly design is customizable and enhances both the barista’s experience and the served espresso’s quality.

6. La Pavoni

La Pavoni, an esteemed Italian brand, was established in Milan in 1905. Initially focused on producing espresso machines for bars and hospitality venues, it has grown into a leading name in the coffee machine industry. The company is renowned for its lever coffee machines and dual boiler systems, recognized for their exceptional performance and sleek aesthetics. These machines, with their chrome and glossy finishes, are not only functional but also add a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Today, La Pavoni continues to innovate, seeking new ideas and concepts for the professional coffee sector.

la pavoni DIAMANTE LEVER 3

Diamante Lever 3 Groups Gold

The Diamante Lever 3 Groups Gold by La Pavoni is a professional lever machine designed for diverse establishments. It features a double spring group for efficient coffee extraction, a pressure gauge for optimal brewing, and a copper boiler for durability. The machine’s gold color and stainless steel side panel add elegance, while its telescopic handles offer portability. It also includes a manual water load button and an anti-vacuum device for added convenience.

7. La Spaziale

La Spaziale, an Italian brand with over 65 years of experience, is known for its high-quality coffee machines that blend cutting-edge technology with Italian artisan beauty. The brand offers a wide range of espresso machines designed to cater to various needs and budgets. While some models are suitable for domestic use, the primary focus is on the hospitality sector. La Spaziale’s coffee machines are recognized for their sophisticated features and superior performance, appealing to the most discerning coffee enthusiasts.

la spaziale S50_PERFORMANCE_3_gruppi

S50 Performance

The S50 Performance is an advanced espresso machine designed for precision and optimal performance. It features an automatic dose setting for consistent brewing, available in 2 or 3 group configurations. The machine combines a sleek design with advanced features like capacitive graphic displays, a multi-functional steam delivery lever, programmable coffee delivery buttons, “Cool touch” steam wands, and energy-saving settings, ensuring a user-friendly and efficient coffee-making experience.

8. Lelit

Lelit, an Italian company established in the 1980s, is recognized for producing and distributing espresso coffee machines. The company’s machines, designed for both domestic and commercial use, are crafted using the same advanced technology and superior components found in professional bar machines. Lelit has a substantial customer base in Europe and is known for its commitment to the quality and authenticity of espresso. The company exclusively manufactures and markets high-end coffee machines, using top-grade materials and elements to offer users complete control over espresso preparation parameters.

lelit giuliettaX


The GiuliettaX by LELIT is an Italian-made coffee machine designed for professional baristas. It offers a blend of performance and precision, with features like a cup warmer rack, cool touch wands, and an LCD digital display for easy parameter adjustments. Its stainless-steel body ensures durability, while a double manometer provides precise pressure control. The machine’s design facilitates usability, reliability, and easy maintenance, reflecting LELIT’s commitment to quality and innovation in coffee craftsmanship.

9. Nuova Simonelli

Nuova Simonelli, an esteemed Italian brand, has been a key player in the coffee-making industry since its establishment by Orlando Simonelli in 1936. The company, known for its espresso coffee machines, caters to the global hospitality industry with a wide range of products. Its machines are popular in over 120 countries and are a common sight in coffee shops, restaurants, and self-service establishments. Nuova Simonelli is also a leader in the American espresso machine market, with 93% of its production reaching the international market. Additionally, the company organizes training courses for technicians and baristas worldwide, further solidifying its commitment to the art of coffee brewing.

Nuova Simonelli-aurelia-prodotti-1

Nuova Aurelia

The Nuova Aurelia by Nuova Simonelli is a state-of-the-art coffee machine that delivers consistent, high-quality brews. It features a smooth workflow, durable construction, and a range of automated beverage options. Its intuitive technology facilitates coffee extraction and milk frothing and ensures seamless interaction with the grinder. With its aesthetic and ergonomic design, the Nuova Aurelia is an ideal choice for coffee chains, roasters, restaurants, and hotels aiming to boost customer experience and productivity.

10. Wega

Wega, a well-known Italian brand in the coffee machine industry, was founded by Commendatore Nello Dal Tio of Astoria CMA Group in 1969. The brand focuses on producing high-quality coffee machines and has introduced initiatives like the Wega Green Line to emphasize its commitment to sustainability. Wega’s machines, known for their combination of design, technology, and environmental consciousness, are widely used in cafes, restaurants, and hotels globally. The brand is acknowledged for its innovation, sustainability, and respect for Italian espresso traditions.

Wega- Concept

My Concept

The Wega My Concept coffee machine offers a superior coffee experience with features like multi-boiler technology, an easy-clean wand, and a touchscreen display for each group. It incorporates Green Line technology for energy savings and performance optimization and offers Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control and real-time communication. You have the option to equip it with an Autosteamer, and it seamlessly integrates with the Beans2Cloud management system. These features make it a convenient and efficient choice for professionals.

Our Wega Collection


In the world of coffee, Italian brands have carved out a niche for themselves, known for their innovation, quality, and reliability. These top 10 Italian coffee machine brands represent the pinnacle of coffee machine craftsmanship, each with its unique strengths and offerings. Whether you’re a professional barista, a coffee shop owner, or a coffee enthusiast, these brands offer a range of machines to suit your specific needs and preferences.

At MeloCoffee, we believe in delivering only the best to our customers. That’s why we feature a curated collection of the latest and finest Italian brands. If you’re in Dubai, we invite you to visit our locations to explore a diverse range of the most innovative Italian coffee machines from historical, contemporary, and renowned Italian brands. Our team of experts is always available to guide you in choosing the right brand and machine to meet your coffee needs. We’re more than ready to cater to all your coffee-related requirements. At MeloCoffee, we’re not just about selling coffee machines; we’re about creating exceptional coffee experiences.

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